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This platform connects you with nutritionists / dietitians and helps you achieve your health goals. Connect with an expert today! Expert consultation with software assisted help every day.

  • Assess your health

    Life style assessment, food consumption analysis and your body physiology check.

  • Set health goals

    Health goal planning with expert advise. Be it for lifestyle disease management, weight management or therapeutic needs.

  • Practice

    Follow your plan for activities and food. Track your progress daily. Get help on the go.

  • Achieve

    Achieve your immediate goals and revise your target for next goal.

What to expect?

  • Health goal planning
  • Personalized food plan
  • Calorie / Nutrient intake tracker
  • Food eDiary
  • Exercise / workout planning
  • Meal to Meal - quick tips
  • Expert advise on food tips for your health condition
  • Chat periodically with experts
  • Therapeutic diet planning
  • Integration with wearables
  • Track your progress using mobile app

About Right Nutrition

Prevention and Wellness Care is most beneficial when it is done in a scientific and holistic way. At Right Nutrition you can experience just that with expert guidance and tools that you can use anytime anywhere.

You requirements are analyzed and specialty care is delivered that is personalized just for you.

    Weight Management | Weight-loss | Weight-gain | Blood Pressure Management | Renal Care | Thyroid Care | Diabetic Management | Heart Care | Pre & Post Pregnancy | Pediatric | Kids | Cancer & HIV Management | Adolescent | Metabolic Disorders | Oral & Dental Care | Eating Disorders | Exercise & Sports | Bone Health Care


Our Enterprise Software Platform caters to industries listed below. For more details contact us.

  • Wellness Clinics

    Set up an eClinic and provide a holistic experience to your clients.

  • Corporate

    Employee Wellness Care engagement that is best and year-round.

  • Gyms

    Get your staff to help clients meet health goals with a scientific approach.

  • Hospitals

    Patient food and nutrition management. Personalized care for all your patients.

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Phone Number: +91 80 4165 7588 / +91 80 4165 7591 / +91 98457 18586



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